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Digital Media

There’s a whole lot more when it comes to digital media; display advertising, graphic design, email marketing and branding to name but a few. DSN Marketing have the complete set of design skills to cater for your digital needs. We’re highly creative, and bursting full of ideas that will help take your business, brand, website and products to the next level.


When it comes to digital, and especially to channel marketing, you’ve got to have the right images. You’ve got to have your product pictured in the best possible way (often to exacting standards) that maximises conversions.

Our years of experience with channel marketing and photography have given us incredible insight into product photography, and we pride ourselves in always being able to produce brilliant quality images. Taking the photo is only half the battle though; our design team have exceptional photo editing skills that mean you images will always look perfect.


Rich media, especially video, is so important now when it comes to making your brand, website or even products stand out from the crowd.

Whether it be a video on youtube, your website or even on ebay, we’re able to produce great videos that really demonstrate the quality of your products and services.

DSN Marketing provide digital media services including display advertising, product photography, rich media, video and graphic design

Product Design

Sometimes, you might have a great idea for a product, but just not quite the technical skills to get it made. Not only can we design and model products for you, but can also source the manufacture of these for you, and register their design and IP rights. This invaluable service can keep you one step ahead of the competition, protect your intellectual property, and could be the product that sees your business boom.

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From industrial design to photography and digital media, our in house design team offer a complete range of services
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