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The ecommerce world – online retail – offers almost immediate access to the global marketplace. With online sales growing at a rate of 12% in France, 13% in Germany and 19% in Spain, expansion into overseas markets offers significant growth for UK-based businesses.

Our services can offer businesses the chance to expand rapidly into international marketplaces, operating on a multi-channel level in the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia and North America.

It’s not just knowing the language, it’s about knowing how these marketplaces work in comparison to UK based ones, how to get goods into these countries, how to deal with tax in these countries, and how to deal with the different cultures these countries bring to ecommerce. We pride ourselves on our expertise in this field, and have delivered massive growth to our clients by helping them expand globally.

Global marketing and ecommerce - access new European marketplaces like FNAC, Rakuten, CDiscount and PriceMinister


We understand that translation is about more than replicating text word-for-word into the target language, it’s about speaking to your customers in a language that they understand, conveying the marketing message that your brand aims to project to its audience. Our marketing translation service combines the marketing skills of trained copywriters with the knowledge and accuracy of a translator, whether that be in French, German, Spanish or Italian!

Our translators are all native speakers; their local knowledge offers insight into the target audience, and ultimately into these global markets. Our teams consider the morphological and syntactical structure of their content, whilst speaking to their customers in a way that is typical, as opposed to textbook. As native speakers, they understand the sociolinguistic features of the languages; accounting for everything from different dialects to pragmatic inferences.

Our translation teams have the local understanding and technical authority to give your business a distinct advantage over your competitors. We offer translation for advertisements on online marketplaces, write up the content for your website and even create e-mail marketing campaigns, pay-per-click advertising text, customer service responses and invoice information – just tell us what you need and we can deliver.

Customer Service

There’s always more to it than simply selling your item abroad. You want after sales care. In fact, you want really good quality after sales care, because you care about your customers and the reputation of your brand that you’ve worked hard to build.

Our customer service team includes dedicated members who are fully trained and native speakers in French, German, Spanish and Italian. Not only do they deliver the best quality customer service, but they do it in a native dialect that will keep your customers happy. Be it over the phone, on live chat, on facebook or by email, we’ve got the perfect customer service team to go with your digital global expansion.

Customer service by native speakers in French, German, Spanish and Italian for online retailers

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