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Channel Marketing

At DSN, we’ve got a tonne of experience when it comes to channel marketing; you name a channel, and we’ve probably worked with it. And not just worked with it, we’ve been successful with it.

Channel Marketing takes a lot of know-how to get right – each channel comes with its own rules and quirks, and has different ways of optimising listings and ultimately sales. We use all of our previous experience, with completely up-to-date knowledge and training, to get your listings to the top of the channels you advertise on.


For anything you do in the digital world, the copy has got to be just right. It needs to be optimised for search. It needs to be targeted to an audience. It needs to be accurate, and engaging. Most importantly though, it needs to be really well written.
We have a dedicated team of copywriters with a broad array of experiences and specialities, including qualifications in linguistics, language and literature. From writing specific listing content targeting certain marketplaces, to engaging blog articles that draw in as many visitors as possible, DSN has the talented team that you need.


Sometimes it’s more than just good writing and knowing your marketplace. That’s where our digital marketeers really step up to the batting plate. Using years of experience and the most up-to-date information available, our highly trained professionals can boost your business using Search Engine Optimisation or Pay per Click advertising.

SEO takes years of know-how, analysis and practice to get right – it’s the long game that’s important and careful and deliberate strategy is required to boost the quality of your website or listings organically. It’s all about targeted, relevant content marketing that engages your customers, giving you a boost to traffic and natural search.

PPC is the quick way to get traffic to your site. It’s a careful balance of spending the right amount to get more converting traffic to your site while keeping and boosting profitability. It requires deep and continuous analysis, understanding of best practice (especially with Google!) and meticulous attention to detail. Our PPC experts ensure that we manage complex and methodically planned paid search campaigns (including Google Shopping) that help you grow your business.

Social Media

We’ve got to the point now where it is impossible to talk about digital marketing, and your brand in a digital context, without talking about social media. It’s about more than just having a Facebook and Twitter account. It’s about engaging with your customers, giving them a forum where they can feedback information to you and you can give even greater after sales care. It’s about developing brand advocates, who not only support and share, but defend your brand. And it’s about being interesting to keep your buyers coming back for more.
We can help you do all of this, and more, with our expert knowledge of how to utilise social media to help enhance your brand and grow your business. We know which social media channels you should focus your efforts on and which ones you should build up to. We know how to keep your audience engaged. Most importantly, we know how to utilise social media to help drive additional converting traffic to your site, and keep coming back.

Digital Strategy

With so much to try and get your head around when it comes to venturing into the digital world, it’s important to plan and prioritise. What are the first steps? What can be achieved easily, and without too much cost? What is really important for the future of the business, but not for a year down the line? We help you to identify what opportunities and challenges your business faces in the digital world, and prioritise these into key achievable goals and visions.

With so much experience, we’re proud of the level of digital strategy and planning we can bring to your business. We know you can’t do everything at once - but! We have the digital expertise that can help your business grow, with the right vision and priorities, into a digital tour de force.

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